p3rception (p3rception) wrote,


Do you ever write a poem that isn't really a poem but you pour out whatever you feel that very secound even if it doesn't sound right? thats what I did...

Please forgive me
For loving you
I never meant to go wrong
I never thought I had to be number 1 out of 50
I thought I was the only one
Until I knew my pain had begun

I never wanted you to hate me
I never wanted you to let go
Baby I just miss you
I don't know what to do

I know you don't want me
I know you could erase me
When you told me you still loved me
When you kept saying it on and off
I couldn't help to miss you more
I don't see what I did so wrong

I'm sorry I loved you
I'm sorry I fell for you
I'm sorry I'm still in love with you

I never wanted things to be so wrong
When you said you still needed me
I thought you were sincere
But then you said you still loved me
When I call,it's everything but me

Baby i'm sorry I love you
I'm sorry I cry at night
I'm sorry I remember the memories
Why did you put in your journal you love me

You wonder why I can't get over you
Because you make me feel loved
Then i'm nothing but a number 50
A nothing 50 compared to your number 1

I can't help but to miss you
I can't help but to call you
I can't help it I need you
I thought you needed me too
Why did you say all those things
then the next day not see me through
No ill never have the words to say
I'm just another girl that meant nothing
Now i'm the girl you hate

I always thought I was the only one
I never knew I had to be number one
I'm sorry i'm no one to you
I love you baby, please let me keep you
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